Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to reduce 2 kg weight each month without consulting Dietician or becoming sick or starving?

This requires one to follow some simple steps + requires great discipline. So, let’s start –

Step 1 – Prepare your mind.

Ø      Does your mind any time argue or disbelieve when you tell it that 10-7=3. No it easily digests it. Why? Because, it believes that the outcome of 10 – 7 is 3 which is logically correct and perfectly possible.

Ø      So, just think first, why you are fat?

o       Is it because you are eating more than some body else around? No – you might find number of people eating more than your food intake still less fattier than you. Why – few possible reasons.

§         They do more physical work than you and so consume more energy and thus residual energy converted to fat is less in their body compared to your body.

§         They might have a better metabolism rate meaning their body is able to digest better than you i.e. their body mechanism to convert food to energy is better than you.

§         No logical or scientific reason visually identified.

o       So, what above suggests you –

§         Increase the physical work. Possible – Right?

§         Increase your metabolism rate? Not possible.

§         Just do nothing because you can not figure out why others are not fat / thin.

Ø      Now, just think, why some body else is thin compared to you when both of you do same physical work? Probably because -

§         They have less food intake.

§         They might have a better metabolism rate meaning their body is able to digest better than you i.e. their body mechanism to convert food to energy is better than you.

§         No logical or scientific reason visually identified.

o       So, what above suggests you –

§         Reduce the food intake. Possible – Right?

§         Increase your metabolism rate? Not possible.

§         Just do nothing because you can not figure out why others are not fat / thin.

So, what we derive above – If 10 – 7 is 3 and your mind accepts it, why (Do more physical work) – (Feed less to body) = Reduce weight. If your mind accepts this universal argument / theory, you and your mind are prepared to start this easy program to reduce 2 kg every month without becoming sick / starving. Believe me – it is not a miracle but a pure science.

Let me tell you my story. I was 85 kg at one point of time and started having Spur pain in my legs and it slowly became so severe pain that if I walk for more than few minutes a day, I would have sleep less night due to bone pain. When my doctor told me that this could be due to me being over weight, I immediately argued that I have so many people around who are much over weight (e.g. 90 kgs, 100 kgs) but do no have this issue. So, why me? What is the science behind it? What is the logic?

            The doctor calmly explained me in one simple sentence – it is just because your body can not carry more than certain amount of weight because your bones are weak compared to others and so best is to reduce your weight instead of starting medication (which will continue through the entire life as there is no one shot solution). This impacted deep in my mind and I became conscious immediately and made up my mind to reduce my weight at any cost with do or die attitude (though ultimately found a simple method free of cost from nature)..

Your typical day should have below steps included –
Step 1 – As soon as you get up, drink minimum 20 gulps of normal temperature / slight warm water.
This is very important because it is a cleansing exercise for your stomach. It is like sweeping the room in the morning from previous day’s dust so that it is geared to accept current day’s dust. I can not emphasise more on this because it is so vital that if you start this habit in life, you would always have fresh mornings.

Step 2 – Brush and wc.

Step 3 – Have 30-60 minutes of light / medium / heavy exercise depending on your situation and circumstances / climate around.
Could be any of below – No restriction on where it is done. You can do it in your small 10 sq mtr room.
Ø      brisk walking
Ø      jogging
Ø      Swimming
Ø      Any other physical work like dancing on music / dynamic meditation etc.
Step 4 – After the exercise, do breathing exercise. i.e. exhale your breathe forcefully. Do this for at least 100 such thrusts. You can break it up as 30, 30 and 40 to begin with. This can take 5-10 minutes.

Step 5 – After step 4, relax for minimum 2 hours. Drink water as much as you want but nothing else. E.g. if you start your day @7 AM. By 7.30-8 AM, you would have completed step 1 and 2, execute step 3 & 4 i.e. by 8 to 9 AM, you would have completed step 4 so relaxing for two hours meaning step 5 would be till 10-11 AM. This means before your food intake starts, you have 3 hrs of gap from your morning.

Step 4 – The most difficult to execute but easiest to achieve –
            Eat 60% of your normal food i.e. 3-4 rotis / breads / 1-1.5 bowl of rice – curry. There is no limit / restriction as such but best is to eat healthy. The definition of healthy food can be considered with below criteria –
Ø      Avoid butter / cheese / oily / fat stuff. Any stuff having reasonable fat content is reasonable.

Step 5 -
Prepare a simple daily chart like below – Follow it for 3-4 months so that you can observe and monitor discipline in your routine. This chart is very important as it gives you reverse feedback about your will power and performance.

Date     Morning_Exercise         Lunch_Diet       Light_Dinner            Walking_KMs
11-Jan              X                                                         X                            0.25
12-Jan              X                                 X                                                    1
13-Jan              X                                 X                     X                            3


  1. Dear Vinit...Read about your weight loss programme but every where, morning break fast is given utmost importance AND many people like us need tea as first thing in morning - so what about that? Exercise and
    breathing exercise requires enery - right? Anyways, good that you have shared your
    self-experience - it is different [Posted by Shubha Swadia]

  2. Dear Shubha Kaki,

    Thanks for you valuable feeback via email. I take this opportunity to publish your email as comments in the blog.

    First of all - congratulations to you because your reading of this article shows that you are health conscious. Also, you have maintained / monitored your health at this stage of life which is remarkable and an inspiration to all.

    Thanks for bringing this important point of 'morning breakfast'. I had deliberately made this point because it was one of the big issue when I started to configure my self made program. With my pre-program schedule, I used to take morning breakfast. It has importance in current medical science. However, I still strongly feel that during the weight loss program, it is best to drink 3 glasses of water + physical exercise + breathing before start feeding your body. The morning heavy breakfast can be converted to early moderate lunch instead. Eating in small amount multiple times is much better than heavy breakfast / lunch. I do not mind calling first feed as break fast or lunch. The main point is to clean stomach / do physical work in the morning because it is golden time to loose weight. Imagine a person wanting to go for swimming for 45 minutes every day. He / she can not think of doing this after breakfast or eating.. My formula is simple - total input (feeding the body) should be less AND output (physical work-out of any means which can burn calories) should be more to loose weight (during weight loss program). With our kind of lifestyles (e.g. using vehicles to go office, no much physical movement in the office, irregular eating cycle and junk food options all around), one can bring discipline in daily routine to start with weight loss program.

    Regarding Tea - This is emotional an touchy issue :) - This must be left for sure so it should not really matter whether you drink tea or not - but at least during the weight loss program, morning tea should be eliminated. This not only helps in maintaining morning routine but also makes sure one has set his / her willpower.

    Best wishes and Anando,